Monday, May 01, 2006

Good, bad and funny names

A read Calvin Austin's blog Java: What's in a name today and follwed few links from there. It truly made my day! We all know that guys at Sun use codenames for Java projects. Most of us know by now that Java 5.0 is Tiger and that the next version 6.0 is called Mustang. It seems that last couple of releases (including the future release) were chosen as purely animal names. Sometimes I wonder how these guys choose the names. I know it's hard. I choose the titles for my posts on this blog and it isn't easy.

Anyway, what really made me laugh was the link that lead me to the best, worst and weirdest car names chosen in automotive industry. This page, to my disappointment, missed my favourite worst car name - Mitsubishi Pajero. Majero was sold in Europe under name Montero because pajero is slang for wanker in Spanish. This car is mentioned on Grant's Auto Rant plus a lot more. Just to name a few: Chevy Nova ("It won't go" in Spanish), Opel Ascona ("female genitalia" in Northern Spain and parts of Portugal), Buick LaCrosse ("masturbating teenagers" in French-speaking Quebec), Mazda LaPuta (as the less-offensive "whore") or Bongo, Isuzu GIGA 20 Light Dump, and the list goes on.

This is not related to Java or programming in anyway, but it shows that choosing a name for car or software share the same difficulty. So how did you go about naming your software?

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