Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What am I up to these days?

You may have been wondering why I am not blogging as frequently as I did before. Well, I am on vacation in Seoul, South Korea.

As it usually happens there are more things to see than there is time. And since July is the month with the highest rainfall, I feel lucky to enjoy so many days with very little rain so far.

The following are:

  1. Bell at the entrance to Bongwonsa - the largest of the temples, next to Inwangsan - Seoul's most famous shamanist shrine,

  2. Resting pavilon in the Korean Folk Village,

  3. Hyowon Bell at the Hwaseong (Suwon Fortress) - UNESCO World Cultural Heritage,

  4. Gyengbokgung - Palace of Shining Hapiness, the Primary Palace of Joseon Dynasty,

  5. Geunjeongjeon - the greatest building at Gyengbokgung where ceremonies of the state took place.

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