Sunday, October 22, 2006

70km and still kicking

Today I took part in Sydney Spring Cycle organized by Bicycle NSW. Sydney Spring Cycle is an annual event. It takes about 50km from start in North Sydney to finish at Sydney Olympic Park in Homebush.

It was my first SSC ride and it was a very pleasant ride indeed. My friends and I aimed for an early start at 7am. This meant I had to get up at 5am to get ready an be in North Sydney on time. The weather was cold and it rained a bit. We warmed up quite quickly though.

Later during the day the sky cleared and it was a beautiful day to ride. I really enjoyed a company of thousands other rides. I rode my old mountain bike and my friends were on road bikes. To my surprise I managed quite well. I was able to keep up with them (I think they just spared me).

50km seemed like a lot. I usually ride 10km to work in Sydney CBD, which takes me half an hour. When we reached the 40km milestone, there was a sign "10km to go." By that time it seemed like nothing.

In fact, we had enough energy for a short sprint to the finish line. It was a great day out. I felt so energized that I also rode home from Homebush, adding few extra kilometers to the count.

At the end I did 70km. Here is the proof.

Sydney Spring Cycle 2006

I created a Sydney Spring Cycle bicycle path on Bikely, if you are interested and would like to see it on Google map. The photos I took today can be found at Flickr.

Thank you all who organized such a great event! I'll be there next year too!

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DavidBell said...

Excellent! That sounds like a killer event. My brothers, the "Saalabi Twins" and my boyfriend Dave have been after me to get into biking. They are pretty hard-core bikers. So, I bought a new Rockhopper and have been learning trail riding with them. It's great fun! Though, I need to work on the - curving around the bends on gravel while not braking - thing. Anyway, kudos to you for finishing. - Ulla L'Isa Saalabi

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