Thursday, April 19, 2007

Google Reader just got better

I use Google Reader for reading blogs. It has become my daily chore as I need to keep track on things happening around our office (we blog internally and externally) as well as other things of my interest.

It was brought to my attention that Jon Hicks created new skin for Google Reader. I thought I would have a look.

I had to install Stylish extension for Firefox first. Then I added a new style that I downloaded from Jon's website. And the result?



I absolutely love it!

It has made reading blogs so much better. Why don't you give it a try?


Anonymous said...

It's interesting how the presentation of information can change one's perception of the usability. I experience the same thing but am curious about what, specifically, made this "better" for you. You've got all the same functionality so what's the value add?

Dushan Hanuska said...

You are quite right. Sometimes it's the new cool that we like more than, ehm, the old cool.

I my case, I like the new skin for several reasons. The actual blog post seems to be clearer with new layout. Well, maybe it's just the fact that I can see more on the screen without feeling that text is too crammed.

Moreover, I like the idea of applying your own CSS to a website. See the web the way you like it!

Dushan Hanuska said...

There is a theme update as well.

kismitt said...

Has anyone heard of I just found there site and they have a great java version of the google reader for mobile phone.

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