Friday, June 20, 2008

Campers in front of Apple store

I heard a lot of buzz about new Apple store opening in Sydney. I am not a fan of Apple. Some of my colleagues are. Well most of them since Atlassian started equipping its staff with Mac Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air computers.

So this morning I thought I would go and have a look at the folks camping in front of this store that was due to be opened tonight

And yes, there they were. Sitting on the foldable chairs, covered with doonas and in sleeping bags.

I really felt sorry for them. Trading their (life)time for something they can already buy from a nearby store - there are already stores here that sell Macs.


But then it dawned at me. What a great opportunity, once in a lifetime, to spend a night with your friends doing something unusual - to (legally) camp in the middle of the city. Priceless!

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Cheryl said...

i've always thought it would be fun to camp out in a line for something. but there hasn't been anything i want that causes camping lines. maybe i can pretend to want something and then sneak off after the camping...

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