Sunday, November 09, 2008

hCard microformat validator

I was creating a contact page for a website and I wanted to use hCard microformat to encode the address, telephone, fax and the geo location. After I created it, I looked for a way to quickly validate it and I found

hCard microformat Validator 1.0

What a great service! I must tell you, this service is super easy to use. Just type in a URL of the page that contains hCard data and get the results instantly. I read the spec but... I still made few mistakes that were promptly brought to my attention.

I made a typo and instead of adr I used addr, which rendered couple of nested elements invalid. Ok, that was a quick fix.

The telephone number is shop's (this website is for a retail store) and I marked the telephone number as shop, which is invalid. The valid values are: home, work, pref, fax, cell, voice, video, pager, car, msg, modem, bbs, isdn, pcs. Another easy fix! The same went for the fax number.

Lastly, the email address that I entered was of a domain that did not register itself yet. The message I got was:

Lookup of e-mail's domain “” failedVerify that e-mail address is correct.

Wow, I did not expect such a thorough check!

Another good point for this validator is that it not only tells you what is wrong, but it also links to a FAQ page where the problem is explained.

Well done and thank you! Now this contact page validates 100%!

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Gary said...

I'm also a fan of the validator. I've just started to incorporate hCard into websites.....Microformats/RDFa/Rich Snippets is going to be huge!

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