Thursday, April 07, 2011


My wife and I were having dinner tonight. As it usually happens out little son finished quickly and was getting restless. So we put him down from his chair and carried on with our meals. Soon after he pulled his chair from the table and pushed it to the door that leads to our backyard. I kept an eye on him, just like any parents would do with a boy who is always up to something. So he pulled this chair to the door, climbed on top of it and the victoriously stood on it, giving me the biggest smile he could. His eye were saying "Look dad! I did it!"

Then I realized what he was up to. He put his little hand up and tried to reach for the air-conditioning unit above him. Near the ceiling. I was impressed with the little guy’s thinking. He used the same logic we (big guys) would use to reach to places that we naturally cannot reach as our bodies do not extend that far. He just underestimated the distance. He is only two. Almost. I praised him for his effort and I told him that he’s done well and he will get there but it may take a few years until he is big enough.

At that very moment I realized that for these little ones with no limits, no boundaries pre-set in their minds the sky is the true limit.

After I asked him to come down (just to be safe) he started pushing that chair around. He maneuvered with it around the kitchen and eventually made it to the very spot he took this chair from. Sokoban! The only movement my son decided to use was to push the chair. It was fun for him, as well as for me watching him. When he made it do the destination, it dawned on me. He just performed a real-life version of Sokoban. Wow! The kiddo is smart and I wish I was back in 80-ties to re-invent the popular computer game :-)

Don’t limit your kids. Let them explore, invent and make up their own rules for this world they live in.


Kamal Mettananda said...

Nice watchfulness, this is something missing in some of the so called busy parents.

Asif Shahzad said...

Its really a great experience to see kids doing such stuff, growing and trying new things each moment.

Don't know when we grow up, why we start being persistent and forget our true nature i.e. trying new things. Even some forget to aim high.

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