Thursday, September 13, 2007


I catch a train to Sydney CBD where I work. I notice a big difference between my morning and evening commute.

Morning commute is usually a very pleasant ride. I catch a CityRail train that starts its trip at my station, therefore I get a seat anywhere I like. This is an all-stops train that usually waits for the express one. I really do not understand the human nature! My station is very close to the city (10km to be exact). Nevertheless, people chose to ride on an old fully packed express train, rather than all-stops brand new Millennium train, which by the way comes only five minutes after the express one.

That makes me think. Why would anybody choose to stand on the train, squashed between other people for 15 minutes rather than spend 20 minutes seated in comfort and doing something useful or enjoyable, like reading a book or magazine?

And if I happen to miss my all-stops than seven minutes later I can catch another express train which is a brand new one and with plenty vacant seats this time.

I love my morning rides! They are quite. I guess most of the people are still half asleep or simply have nothing to talk about.

Evening rides are a whole different story. I rarely pick the train that is new - maybe I should find out what time such leave and then try to make it to the station on time. But I cannot be bothered.

Anyway, in the evenings people seem to chat a lot. Just yesterday I boarded the train and along my side there was an Indian guy (no race discrimination here, all people are same) already on his mobile phone. Talking non-stop! (Luckily) there is no mobile coverage in the tunnel under the city so he was cut off when we left the station. As soon as we emerged back on the surface, he re-dialed and continued to talk for next 25 minutes until I arrived at my station. He probably continued talking until he reached his destination.

How annoying is that! I do not need to listen to other people's conversations. When I was in Japan I admired they culture. One of the things I'd appreciate here in Australia is that in Japan people do not use mobiles on the trains. It is simply impolite. They even switch the ringing to vibration mode.

I am annoyed by loud people who selfishly created noise that other passengers must tolerate.

It's time to fight back!

As mentioned at Much Madness::Or divinest sense? website:

Coudal Partners published a PDF of business card-sized printable handouts designed to be given to people when they are annoying you.

I wish I had some of these SHHH cards that I could simply pass to these folks.


Jens Schumacher said...

The same is true for my morning ride. I catch a millennium train just minutes after the express train and only share the carriage with about 10 other people.

I love my morning train rides :)

Anonymous said...

Why just not call the Indian guy a guy. How do u know he was Indian. He could be from Pakistan, SriLanka or Bangladesh.

You showing your prejudice by calling him a Indian guy instead of a guy.

All said, I wish I could knock them on the head when the yap when i just want to rest.

Dushan Hanuska said...

Yes, you are right. Judging by his appearance and language I guessed that his origins were in Indian subcontinent. I did not mean anything else by that, he was just a guy.

drgi said...

pekne elektricky mate tam dole :-)

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