Monday, August 27, 2007

Java Puzzlers, Episode 6

I am a big fan of Java Puzzlers.

Another part of the Java Puzzler series appeared on Google Video couple days ago. This is one named Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: Java Puzzlers, Episode VI and is a repeat of a talk given at Google in May and at JavaOne 2007.

Josh Bloch and special guest star Bill Pugh present yet another installment in the continuing saga of Java Puzzlers, consisting of eight more programming puzzles for your entertainment and enlightenment.

I really enjoyed watching it and also learnt a thing or two.

Funny thing was when Bill Pugh said in the conclusion:

Use FindBugs: it finds all 8 bugs in this talk!

I use FindBugs everyday and I have to tell you, our codebase (JIRA) is quite clean and FindBugs helps us to keep it that way.

Alright! Enough said. Go on! Watch it!

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